• Summer Home: Orinda


    I experienced several seasons in just one week in Orinda. It was sorching when I arrived, then came fog and rain, then warm again. 

    This stop definitely tested my aptness for country living. I dealt with an impressive bug invasion and as soon as that was under control, the cats brought in a field mouse. When found it curled under a rug, I rolled the whole thing up like a burrito and took it outside. The poor thing was paralized with fear and wouldn't run away, so I picked it up by its tail and tossed it off the deck! Who am I?!

    I did like it, though, and didn't really mind the isolation: the view and the cats kept me entertained. Mostly I cooked, looked out at the view, and walked to the Lafayette Reservoir. When I could, I slept with windows open, listening to the crickets. 

    Below Eileen on the deck or Eileen wanting to be on the deck.