• Summer Home: Sausalito Docks


    I think it's safe to say the houseboat, and all the unique and picturesque quirks of docklife, were the highlight of my summer. 

    I dropped my stuff on a Saturday afternoon while a summer party was kicking off at the next dock. I could hear Tom Waits-inspired 70s covers, but alas, I had another commitment. When I returned in the evening, a lone oboe carried across the water. I sat on the deck meditating on the reflections and the melancholy tune. I was utterly charmed. 

    I made some neighbor friends who told me about the Houseboat Wars and invited me to see how they had added to their own homes over the decades. I consulted the tidebook daily, but still marveled when I'd come home to find the front door five feet above the dock. 

    Mostly, it was quiet. And that peaceful feeling I felt the first night, I noticed it stayed. I loved having the windows open and looking out at the water and birds. I loved watching the fog roll in and then stop just above the mountain, as if held back by the Marin Headlands. 

    I took to riding my bike to yoga in Mill Valley at dawn. Okay, I did that once... but I did ride my bike to the ferry a few times and let me tell you, that is the way to commute. Especially on the way home with a glass of wine as the boat pulls itself out of a wall of fog sitting over the city.