• Summer Home: Point Richmond


    When I told people I was spending a weekend in Point Richmond, more than a few went, "So...where is that?" With its incredible bay views and historic victorians and this gem really a Bay Area secret? There's a beach, an actual beach where people were swimming. In the East Bay! I mean...

    The first night I arrived with no plans or research. I'd detoured through Pt Richmond on the way to East Brothers Brewery and had seen just enough to know I might want to come back. I headed up the hill, away from the views of the freeway and the refinery, and came across this:

    I walked down towards the water, through the tunnel into town, past The Plunge (or the Municipal Natatorium, as the giant neon sign on the roof says) and followed the sound of live music to the charming main strip. There, I found an outdoor concert where people of all ages and colors were dancing in the street. 

    The next day, a friend and I toured some open houses and discoverd that two million will buy you three stories of bay views, your own kayak private put-in, an artist studio overlooking the water, and a 1902 cottage on-property where Jack London reportedly stayed and wrote. Lunch was donuts and chilaquiles in a former funeral parlor / brothel.