• Summer Home: Mill Valley


    This deck was my happy place. Mill Valley's closer proximity to SF meant I spent a bit more time drivng into the office than I would have preferred. After a day of editing, I'd head north across the Golden Gate, (windshield wipers going), feel a weight lift with the clouds, and pull in with enough time to sit outside with a glass of rosé and catch the last of the sun on that big ol' redwood tree.

    My second favorite spot was the Lumber Yard. It's the former site of Mill Valley Lumber Co (est. 1892) and sits above the Arroyo Corte Madera Creek. Pause and think about why the towns are called Mill Valley and Corte Madera. I hadn't! Instead of being torn down to build condos, it's been reimagined as cute shops and restaurants with fire pits and outdoor seating and windows in the floor to watch the water rush by!

    Mill Valley smells and looks like a mountain town. You're at the base of Mt Tam, and walking into town with the sun falling behind the peak reminds me a bit of summer in the French alps. Venture up a staircase on the Dipsea, and the homes are basially treehouses. Below people have creeks running through their front yards and of the sun on wood brings up images of long afternoons in Tahoe. As if to make the point, a short but late night walk home from a friend's place culminated in a faceful of spider webs and a too-close enconter with a cute little skunk.