• Summer Home: Petaluma

    I've been thinking about moving for a while now but, I didn't have a clear picture of what I needed from a move and worried that I'd miss San Francisco. What I did know, is that foggy San Francisco summer is not for me. In June, with Karl on the horizon, I doodled this: 

    Then I sent a email out to my people: did anyone have a lead on a short term rental that might include some of these elements? What came back was an overwhleming number of offers to housesit. So, between the months of July and October, I rented out my place in SF and lived in seven different cities. 


    In Petaluma, my days were filled with bike rides Acre Coffee and Della Fattoria, barefoot gardening, dinner parties under sweet cafe lights, and neighborhood tours with Hobie, my handsome dog-for-the-month. I made deeper connections with acquaintances who live in the area and tried to convince me that I'd get used to the drive to SF. I made new friends through spontaneous invitations to join hikes and outdoor concerts. I took day trips to Point Reyes for Mt Tam cheese and Tule Elk and imagined renting an office space in a old brick mill. 

    Hobes making himself at home on his big adventure to San Francisco.